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Based in Cape Town, Drive Alert Driving School Academy provides driving lessons for Learner Drivers wanting to pass their K53 Driver's License Test. We are a registered driving school with certified driving instructors, well-experienced in helping learner drivers prepare and pass their K53 driver's examination.

No matter what your previous experience, or lack thereof, Drive Alert Driving Schools will help you gain the confidence and skill to master the rules of the road. With Drive Alert driving lessons, one of the most professional driving schools in Cape Town southern suburbs, you learn the correct driving method from the very start, from observation to defensive driving.

We now offer driving training in either Manual or Automatic Vehicles

The K53 defensive driving method is an approach incorporating driving rules and procedures that form the basis for your driver's licence test. It is critical to follow the K53 driving method to pass your driver's test.

Although many learners have driving experience, the incorrect techniques learnt through informal learning will cause them to fail their driver's test. Our driving lessons give you the correct driving test techniques so that you drive the way the examiner wants you to.

NB We don't offer driver training lessons for Code 10 and 14
Cancelations are STRICTLY non-refundable


What We Provide

The K53 defensive driving method is the only approved method recognised by the South African traffic authorities and forms the basis fo the driver's license test. We provide K53 driving lessons that directly match the skills examined during your driver's license test.

For your convenience we pick you up for each lesson and drop you off afterwards. We also work after hours (Including early mornings) and on weekends to accommodate your work hours.

By taking your license test with us, you can be guaranteed a quicker appointment to take your driver's test.



[Title]Alley Docking procedure in the K53 Driver's License Test

Alley docking is a manoeuvre which forms part of the yard test in the k53 drivers license test.

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